How much flexibility training experience do you have?

What is your flexibility knowledge?

This is one of the questions we ask our potential and future Extensa instructors. There is a misconception in the industry that Yoga, Pilates and dance teachers have ample flexibility training experience. This is not the case and we should stop this assumption. 

How much flexibility training do you have? Enough to lead a stretch class?

Yoga instructor training certifications teach you to become a Yoga instructor and gain experience in yoga techniques. Pilates instructor training certifications teach you to become a Pilates instructor and gain experience in Pilates techniques. Dance teaching certificates teach you to become a dance teacher and gain experience in dance techniques. None of them train you to become a flexibility instructor nor gain experiences in all the flexibility techniques to achieve full body flexibility.

Improved flexibility from Yoga, Pilates and dance are pleasant side effects. However, because flexibility is not the main goal, optimum flexibility is never achieved.

Quite often, instructors over-estimate the amount of flexibility training knowledge they actually have. This is detrimental to participants who take a “stretch” class from an instructor that has not taken an instructor certification specifically designed to teach flexibility training classes.

If you are planning on offering a “stretching” class, take some time to evaluate your flexibility knowledge. If you’d like to expand your knowledge, join us for one of our instructor training certifications.

Continue to enjoy Yoga classes for their purpose: Yoga, Pilates classes for Pilates and dance classes for dance.

Improve your flexibility with flexibility training classes by flexibility specialists, like the Extensa method!