Why you should become an Extensa Method certified instructor 

            Why become a stretching instructor with the Extensa

Expand your fitness career with the Extensa Method

Who we are and what we do

Our mission is to provide all Extensa participants with safe and effective flexibility training programs. We are constantly monitoring and updating our skills and techniques, in order to provide proper, up to date instruction and demonstration. Our goal is that all Extensa participants experience positive and lasting results.

Why you should choose the Extensa Method Instructor Certification

Flexibility training programs have started to emerge and gain popularity in both the fitness and sports industry. Until now, flexibility was the most neglected fitness component. As a result, the general population and athletes have suffered recurring injuries, decreased mobility during daily activities, pain and stiffness, poor posture and a decrease in sports performance.

As flexibility training begins to gain ground, there is a high demand for qualified instructors. Most stretching programs fall short of providing real flexibility results. The Extensa method’s program design provides real results by working with the kinetic chain, incorporating multiple stretching techniques, building a strong core and improving posture. Extensa method instructors demonstrate expert knowledge and combined teaching and leadership skills which creates competent and sought after instructors in the industry.

At Extensa, we seek and help develop instructors:

  • Who are open to new ideas;
  • Are looking to expand their knowledge;
  • Are interested in promoting flexibility training;
  • Who are looking to inspire and encourage others to get active;
  • Who are interested in advancing and growing their career;
  • Who are looking to build new relationships and become part of the Extensa method community.

Begin your journey with Extensa

Begin your journey to building advanced flexibility training knowledge to achieve desired results for your participants and help them on their journey to a healthy, fit, flexible and movement based lifestyle.

  1. Acquire the fundamental flexibility knowledge with the Extensa Fitness instructor certification (either basic or premium);
  2. Practice teaching an Extensa class in your community;
  3. Submit the final exam. Once you have passe the final exam, validate your membership to Extensa Certified (the Extensa continuing education program);
  4. Continue your journey by achieving the full Extensa method certification with Extensa Flow and Extensa Performance instructor certifications;
  5. Continue to spread the important benefits of flexibility training as an Extensa flexibility specialist.

Continuing your Education and gaining a community of support with the Extensa Method

The Extensa method instructor certification is an on going learning environment. Its continued success is dependant upon staying relevant and up to date with the fitness and sports industry’s ever-changing research and exercise recommendations. Our Extensa continuing education program offers on going training, support and mentoring. This program helps Extensa instructors with meaningful education and helps them stay current and up to date with industry standards. As part of the Extensa Certified community, instructors interact with their peers, share ideas and career advice as well as support and encourage each other.

Become an Extensa certified instructor. Start your journey today!