Flexibility Will Change Your Life

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Get up!

Get off the sofa and out of your chair

At Extensa, we are on a mission to get everybody up off the sofa and out of their chairs! The best way to do that, is one small task at a time. Our bodies were designed to move, and as often as possible. Due to improvements in technology, our society now values activities that revolve around being sedentary (watching tv, playing on the computer etc.). Being sedentary has a direct impact on our level of flexibility. The less we move the less flexible we become. The reverse is true also, the more we move the more flexible we become.

Our goal, at the Extensa Method, is to get society moving again. In order to achieve our goal, we are going to use SMART goals:

  • S: Specific 
  • M: Measurable
  • A: Achievable
  • R: Realistic
  • T: Time-bound

The Extensa Move lifestyle challenge

Specific: Pick a small task that replaces a sedentary one (can be a chore, a leisure activity, a means to an end)

Measurable: It must include movement of the entire body (walking, moving in place, stepping, skipping, jumping, bending etc)

Achievable: It must be small enough that you can easily perform the task and not be exhausted at the end. 

Realistic: It must not interfere with any time constraints or cause any negative reactions. (For example: taking the stairs at work instead of the elevator should not make you late for work)

Time-bound: Pick a task that you can complete daily



ExtensaMove on social media

Join our #ExtensaMove lifestyle challenge and get moving throughout your day. Snap a quick photo or film a quick video, tag @extensamethod and add the hashtag #ExtensaMove – share with us how you are being creative in getting and staying active in your everyday lives.

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