Introducing the Extensa Method

Most stretching programs attempt to increase flexibility using only passive stretching techniques. This leads to boredom, difficulty holding positions for the required length of time and over-stretching. The Extensa Method is not just a stretching method, it is a flexibility program. Flexibility programs are a combination of active, dynamic and passive stretching techniques with an emphasis on balance and core strengthening. Extensa classes promote proper muscle recruitment, joint mobility and stability throughout the kinetic chain and improved posture. We believe that in order to achieve true flexibility, the body must move the way it was intended, through as many planes of motion and joint actions.

Extensa Fitness instructor working with a participant Extensa Performance athlete doing a handstand Extensa Flow instructor teaching a barre class



Our Story

History of the Extensa Method

Our story starts out with Sarah Feilders, the creator of the Extensa Method and an accomplished dancer and dance teacher. For many years, Sarah performed in dance shows, competed in competitions and taught dance classes in Canada, the USA and Mexico. Once retired from performing, Sarah continued teaching and obtained group fitness and Pilates certifications. She transitioned into the fitness industry by teaching dance style fitness classes. Her classes quickly became popular as participants saw quick results. They were stronger, had better balance and were more flexible. Clients began approaching Sarah, not only to get in shape but also specifically to improve their flexibility. Sarah continued to develop her expertise and education through research, workshops and certifications. She focused on building flexibility through strengthening and stretching techniques, balance training and core strength. Sarah expanded her career to the sports industry and specialized as a flexibility coach for top athletes for many years.

After years of research, practice and revision, the Extensa Method was created. The Extensa Method is flexibility training that consists of three individual programs (Extensa Fitness, Extensa Flow and Extensa Performance) that meet the need for result based training. Each program is unique and caters to different demographics, interests and fitness levels. In order to keep up with the high demand for Extensa Method classes and address the need for qualified flexibility instructors in the fitness and sports industry, the Extensa Method instructor certification program was created.



Meet our Expert

Sarah Feilders, creator

Sarah Feilders creator

Sarah’s professional goal is to help everyone learn to move with ease and grace. For most of her career, Sarah was a flexibility coach to some of Canada’s top athletes. She was part of the process preparing Olympic, Professional and High Performance athletes for competitions, olympic trials and games, as well as off season training. Today, she shares her experience and expertise through workshops and certifications to other instructors and trainers in the fitness industry. She also works with private clients and teaches group fitness classes. Sarah’s qualifications include: Personal trainer with (ACE) American Council on Exercise, personal trainer with CanFitPro (PTS), certified Dance teacher (SDTA), Fascial Stretch Therapist (FST), Active Isolated Stretching Therapist (AIS), YogaFit, Stott Pilates and Lifestyle Coaching YMCA. She has previous certifications with CanFitPro (FIS), the YMCA and Zumba. When Sarah is not training clients or new instructors, you can find her attending a dance class for herself, going to football and hockey games, hiking, skiing, travelling and contributing to community events.



Meet our Master Trainers

Melanie Boucher, Extensa Fitness MT

Melanie Boucher Extensa Fitness master trainer 

Melanie has been in the fitness industry for over 25 years, both as a participant and instructor. Over the past few years, she has been involved in a wide variety of training sessions including: dance, Pilates, boxing, kickboxing, high intensity interval and weight training. Her mother introduced her to yoga at a young age, and she quickly learned early in life the importance of flexibility and a healthy lifestyle. She is always full energy and smiles. She has become a valuable member of the Extensa team.

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