Become a stretching instructor with the Extensa Method

Extensa Method instructor certification

Expand your flexibility knowledge. Unlock new career opportunities.
Nourish your body and mind. 

It's time to take care of you and your clients' bodies!

Your day begins and ends with your clients and participants. You start the day on the run, maybe with a coffee, green smoothie or cup of tea to go. You make your way from client to client and then a quick change of clothes to teach a few back to back classes. Your day ends and you have just enough energy to get in a quick workout for yourself. Your down time is spent siting in your car, the local coffee shop or trainer room, on your phone following up with clients and posting to social media. Where has the time gone? Your body aches and you know you need to add some sort of stretching or mind body work to counteract all the high intensity physical and mental work you do each day. This is a tough industry and our bodies and minds are pushed to our limits. You preach to your clients how important balance is, and how important flexibility is to a healthy lifestyle. Yet, you are not making it a priority for yourself.

Become a stretching instructor with the Extensa Method

The Extensa Method instructor certification program, is the leading flexibility instructor certification in the fitness and sports industry.

The program consists of three different flexibility instructor certifications: the Extensa Fitness instructor certification, the Extensa Performance instructor certification and the Extensa Flow instructor certification.

Interested in working 1x1 with Sarah Feilders, the creator of the Extensa Method?
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Why become certified

Adding the Extensa Method instructor certification to your repertoire broadens your employment options and is a great way to build a loyal following. The Extensa Method instructor certification is designed to keep instructors at the forefront of flexibility training in fitness and the sports industry. 

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