Fitness instructors, personal trainers, dance teachers and coaches who have little to no experience with flexibility training.

Australian instructors must have obtained a nationally recognized certification. For more details please consult: https://fitness.org.au

An Extensa Fitness class is a flexibility class that follows a group fitness format. The majority of classes are offered in a  medium to large group setting, but they can also be used to train a private client and used as a cross training class for dancers and athletes.

The word stretching is often used incorrectly. Traditional stretching classes are often based on only one stretching technique: static stretching. Extensa Fitness specializes in flexibility training which incorporates all types of stretching techniques combined with strengthening, balance and core engagement. Extensa Fitness achieves optimal flexibility based on the participants goals, whether it is to move with ease during regular daily activities, improve dance techniques or improve performance in a specific sport.

Yoga is a mantra, a way of life. The main goal of yoga is to lead a meditative, non competitive and spiritual way of life. Becoming more flexible from yoga is not the goal but a nice side effect. Extensa Fitness is designed specifically as a flexibility training program to achieve optimal flexibility for each individuals specific goal. Since Extensa Fitness is designed specifically for achieving flexibility, the programs are well balanced and intended for the entire body. Therefore less imbalances and injuries occur. Extensa Fitness does not follow a "pose" sequence but gradually transitions from one flexibility technique to another as the body adapts. Yoga concentrates solely on active and static stretches throughout the practice. Whereas Extensa classes combine all flexibility techniques (depending on which program you choose) to achieve optimal flexibility of the entire body.

Although Extensa Fitness helps improve posture and muscle imbalances, an Extensa Fitness instructor is not qualified to diagnose any physiological or medical condition and can not prescribe any specific program for a condition. Clients will approach you with their aches and pains, unless you have separate qualifications, you must refer them to the appropriate professional. Many Extensa Fitness instructors works closely with physiotherapists who recommend their classes once a client has been cleared to exercise after an injury. 

Extensa Fitness classes are adaptable for almost everyone. This depends on the choice of exercise combination, techniques, rest periods, repetitions and speed of class. Extensa Fitness classes move through every fundamental position (standing, hands and knees, seated and lying) therefore are not suitable for anyone with major exercise limitations. We do offer continuing education workshops for special populations.  

You can find our Extensa instructor training certifications here.

The Extensa Performance and Flow certifications involve more extreme flexibility. We are currently assessing how to deliver them safely online. We also have a shortage of Extensa Performance and Flow master trainers at the moment. If you think you have the qualifications and skills needed to become a master trainer in flexibility training as well as the time and desire to learn, please contact us to discuss further: info@extensa.fit

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