The essential Extensa™ Fitness instructor certification

 The essential Extensa™ Fitness instructor certification is for fitness instructors, dance teachers and coaches who are interested in studying on their own and working at their own pace. 

How the program works:

  1. Purchase The essential Extensa™ Fitness instructor certification;
  2. Gain immediate access to all the online content and download the PDF files;
  3. Begin studying the theory material followed by the practical material;
  4. Attend the live virtual Extensa Fitness master classes;
  5. Check-in with an Extensa master trainer;
  6. Practice the transitions, exercises and sample class alone and then progress to practice teaching with friends, family or a volunteer group (see the Practice teaching suggestions);
  7. Once you have completed your practice teaching hours and feel confident, film the Extensa Fitness final exam and submit it for review;
  8. Receive feedback from your final exam and your virtual certificate;
  9. Register for our continuing education program, Extensa Fitness certified, and unlock an abundance of new theory material and practical content. At Extensa, education doesn't stop with your certificate, we strive to continue providing you with continuous knowledge and practical skills that will maintain your status as a flexibility specialist.

This certification is offered in English.

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