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Extensa™ Instructor Certifications

Extensa™ Instructor Certifications

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Instructor & client Testimonials

Sarah’s flexibility program and expertise have been noticeably helping my dancing. Thanks to her extensive knowledge and individualized routines, my posture, stability and power have been improving, and this has enhanced my body awareness and performance during competitions. Her professionalism, support and passion for helping others achieve their goals are only a few of the qualities that make her such a joy to work with.

Mel helped me much needed flexibility after HIITs! Great class, highly recommend!

I worked with Sarah for 6 years and she helped me improve on many aspects of my skating. Sarah is able to adapt her programs to suit each individual and target their specific needs for their sport. She has a great work ethic and is always a joy to work with!

Melanie’s stretching class is a must weekly to complement any exercise program. It is true it is a gift for yourself and like the icing on the cake for the week. My flexibility and strength have increased noticeably after training with Melanie’s program. I have kept her in my repertoire of top coaches for 5 years now. She always adjusts her classes to meet our needs. Her explanations and demonstrations are flawless. She will make you feel sleek, sexy, and powerful even on a bad day.

I worked with Sarah for almost 10 years. I started with ballet classes to improve my grace and coordination which is essential in my sport. But for the past two years, Sarah has advised me to take flexibility training to work on my strength, flexibility and coordination which is very important for a 3 meter springboard diver. Sarah is a trainer who can answer all the questions about dance, flexibility and more. She is someone who always listens to her clients. I highly recommend her for her personality and professionalism.

For most of my sports career, I have had the chance to work on my flexibility and my stability with the Extensa method. Since these are important aspects to develop in diving, Sarah has been teaching me how to improve the elements that make a difference in my performance.

Rhea Arida Ballroom Dancer
Amélie H. participant
David Struthers Figure skater
Natalie Basque participant
Jennifer Abel Olympic medalist (Diving)
Melissa Cintri-Beaulieu

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