Extensa Fitness (live virtual classes)

* price are quoted before tax (all Canadian participants will be charged applicable taxes)

Purchase single or multiple Extensa Fitness classes. 

1 x Extensa Fitness class = $12.00 

2 x Extensa Fitness classes = $20.00 

4 x Extensa Fitness classes = $36.00

6 x Extensa Fitness classes = $48.00 

Use the dropdown menu below to select a class bundle. 

Once you have purchased your classes. Proceed to our class schedule, and sign-up for your desired class. 



You can change your registration to a future class if:

  • You do so 24 hours before the class you registered for begins; and
  • You provide a specific class date (we don't allow you to bank you classes).

Purchased classes are good for 3 months (from the date of purchase). After the 3 months your account returns to zero. 


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