The professional Extensa™ Fitness instructor certification

We offer a payment plan option. Contact us to learn more. 

The professional Extensa™ Fitness instructor certification is for fitness instructors, dance teachers and coaches who would like to learn how to become an Extensa Fitness instructor and flexibility specialist by working one on one with the creator of the Extensa method, Sarah Feilders. 

The advantages of working with Sarah directly:

  • Learn the Extensa Fitness program directly from the creator;
  • Benefit from private training (ask all the questions you would like, spend more time on topics of your choice and get individual feedback throughout the certification process);
  • Receive a personalized Extensa Fitness sample class that you can use for your target demographic (you and Sarah build the class together, based on your goals, target audience and exercise preference);
  • Learn at your own pace and your own schedule (you and Sarah will create a training schedule that fits with your availability and learning preferences);
  • Weekly or bi-weekly check-ins depending on your availability;
  • Access to all the content from the essential and premium Extensa Fitness certifications;
  • Free access to 1 full year of continuing education through our Extensa Fitness Certified membership. 

This certification can be offered in a combination of English and French. Please email us for more details. 

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